Molly Howells Coaching Workshop!

The Viva team is excited about its upcoming workshop with Molly Howells Coaching. With a goal of creating space for teams to understand and celebrate each person’s uniquely wired talents, the workshops aim to ultimately improve communication and utilize strengths.

With over 10 years of experience in working with individuals and teams, Molly comes from a background of human resources and has completed her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Her enthusiasm for helping teams to understand their strengths, gifts and talents translates into a fun-filled learning session where everyone walks away with a better understanding of themselves and everyone else on the team.

“I believe the foundation of successful teams starts with understanding and appreciating the unique strengths and talents that sit around the table. When people are valued for their gifts, a contagious and exciting culture develops, where team memberscan trust each other, communicate clearly, embrace each other’s unique talents, and – ultimately – thrive.”

Corporate teams of 20 or less benefit from the workshops based off of the Gallup Strengthfinder book.  Workshops are offered in 2-hour or 3-hour formats; Each team member and leader will be asked to complete the Strengthfinder assessment tool, prior to the workshop. Note that our Viva Voce Loft is available for event rentals! The Loft seats up to 40 at tables and may be rented by contacting Jayme Mees at Viva Voce Salon (715.808.8035).

Additionally, Molly offers public workshops for individuals, couples and friends. Public workshops are aimed to improve the career and/or daily life for anyone wanting to further develop their own individual abilities.

For more information on Molly Howells Coaching, please contact Molly at 612.719.2527 or visit